Living independently at the Abbey or the Manor

How our independent living works

When you choose to live independently with us, you buy the right to live in your new home for the rest of your life – it’s an investment that remains with you.

We call it Lifetime Residency and, traditionally, prices of a residency are notably lower than buying a property on the open market. 

For most people selling their family home to retire, this means they release equity to enjoy through the rest of their lives. 

A quarterly Accommodation Charge then covers the majority of the costs of independent living and the many and varied services we provide.

As well as releasing equity for life, your investment is protected for later years in your retirement and as your family's inheritance.

When the time comes for you to leave your Amesbury Abbey Group home, whatever the reason, you don't need to worry about selling the property, finding a buyer, estate agents, conveyancing fees or depreciation.

Your property simply reverts back to the Group, and your investment is returned to you less a standard deposit retention - between 10 and 15 percent within six months.