Living independently

We've got everything covered

When you retire to independent living in your own home in the grounds of Amesbury Abbey or Sutton Manor, we take responsibility for the majority of daily tasks of homeownership, leaving you free to enjoy your retirement.

Our Accomodation Charge for independent living is much more comprehensive than most other providers, with the majority of the jobs and costs associated with running and maintaining your own home all covered.

A list of the basic tasks and costs are included in the list below. But we believe there are some more personal elements which make living independently with us at Amesbury Abbey or Sutton Manor extraordinary and these too are accommodated in the quarterly charge.

We can also help with the process of moving if you'd like us to. We have a wealth experience helping hundreds of residents do just that and are supported by a network of trusted partners. Do get in touch if you'd like to discuss the many and varied ways we can assist you.

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