Take your time

Making the right decision

Being able to make your own decisions about your lifestyle in retirement is important, and we know it’s one of the things our residents value most.

An Amesbury decision is often one which takes some years to finally action: the time has to be right for you. We would encourage you to come and visit, as many times as you would like to, with whomever you would like to.

Amesbury Abbey and Sutton Manor are different and the style of independent living homes they offer are as varied as the residents who love to live in them.

When you have decided which you prefer, then you can go on our waiting list – it’s not a decision that has to be acted on straight away. 

That decision is yours when you feel you would like the additional reassurance that Amesbury independent living provides.

We do find that those who make the decision to move sooner rather than later in their retirement get the most from independent living at the Manor or the Abbey and remain independent the longest.

Moving on your own terms and luxuriating in the beauty of our surroundings, free from the chores of running a home, seems to ensure problems are prevented rather than cured.  With independent living you are able to enjoy all that Wiltshire and Hampshire has to offer without a care in the world; with a community of like-minded souls on your doorstep and fabulous connections to the rest of the country just a stone's throw away.