Tribal tribute

It was an honour to welcome three elders from the South American Kogi Tribe to Amesbury Abbey, where they were visiting the ancient Blick Mead spring. 

Juan, Teresa and Marcos Dingula were making their first trip outside Colombia to visit some of Europe and the UK's most blessed springs.

It was a time of personal pilgrimage for them and they worked deeply with the waters in each place.

Blick Mead spring expresses evidence of extensive activity during the Mesolithic period, and the elders were welcomed to the ancient site with a song from folk singer Sam Lee as they crossed the River Avon to spend time by the ancestral waters. 

His song initiated a sonic offering from Mama Juan and Teresa back to the waters of Blick Mead, in their own words allowing a connection to be made between the waters of Blick Mead and those within their homeland of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia.

Highly attuned to nature, the Kogi believe they exist to care for the planet, and it is through their relationship, prayer and daily rituals that they can assist the balance and union within our global waters.