A day in the life...Kamala Limbu

Kamala Limbu, our lovely matron and home manager at Sutton Manor, has been part of the Amesbury Abbey Group for 20 years, with sixteen as a Registered General Nurse. 

Leading a team of 60, Kamala plays a vital role in making sure all her staff and residents feel looked after, supported and safe. 

Here, she gives us an insight into her life as a care professional. 


“Every day working as a care professional is different, particularly in the current climate. You cannot always plan your day because you must be able to respond to any situation that may arise. 

As Matron and Home Manager, I lead by example and support my team with education, training and supervision so that they can deliver safe care of the highest quality. I am very hands on and am actively involved in the delivery of care, constantly providing update on current guidelines and practices. 

The sense of family is key to all we do and making a home from home environment for our residents is what we strive for.  

I feel privileged to be able to make positive difference to our residents and their relatives’ lives. All the people who live with us - who range in age from 82 to 104 - receive the same quality of care, but knowing their background helps the team to understand their individual choices and needs. They are independent, positive about their lives, and very supportive and thankful. 

We go out of our way to tailor our care to individual wants, needs and preferences, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile over and above our excellent physical care. 

Each resident receives a present on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. We hold various themed events, and our annual formal summer luncheon and Christmas lunch for residents and their relatives were dearly missed last year due to the COVID restrictions. 

We train and influence all members of the team to adopt the same ethos of compassionate and holistic care delivery, essence of care and best practice. Our nursing teams also have extensive clinical skills to look after residents with highly clinical complex needs.  

Kamala and team

On a typical day, I meet our residents, attend handover reports with staff, deal with enquiries, have regular meetings with the multidisciplinary team regarding safe practice and guidance updates, deal with concerns, oversee day to day activities of the home, ensure the safety of everyone, conduct audits, oversee staff performance and make reports.  

Updates in technology have made a big difference to my working life and have certainly made things easier during the pandemic.  

Sutton Manor is part of an NHS project using an iPad for regular virtual meetings with other professionals. With Telemedicine, acute medical advice can also be sought in timely manner in this way.  

During lockdown, weekly virtual GP rounds were carried out via video calls, and we organised Skype calls to maintain essential regular contact between our residents and their families.  

Since the challenges of COVID, I feel the enormity of my responsibility has increased. I must keep myself updated with constant changes in Government guidelines and best practice recommendations to ensure everyone’s safety at work.  

We are very proud that we have managed well to get through the critical times of the COVID 19 crisis. 

Life as a care professional is ultimately so rewarding. I love the problem solving; meeting people from all walks of life, getting to know them and their life history. Looking after the staff from within the team and leading and supporting them, which in turn translates to the best quality care delivery.  

Seeing everyone happy, feeling that they are well looked after - that’s the best reward.”