Augustus John: A Personal Reminiscence

As part of the forthcoming exhibition at Salisbury Museum, Augustus John: Drawn From Life, our very own Tristan de Vere Cole will be giving a talk, Augustus John: A Personal Reminiscence, recalling personal memories of his father Augustus John.

Tristan was largely brought up in the John household and sat for Augustus John many times. The talk will be illustrated with slides of Augustus John’s paintings, drawings, etchings, sculptures and photos – many from Tristan’s own collection. Following the talk, Tristan will be signing copies of his book ‘The Last Bastard’.

The main exhibition is dedicated to the art of Augustus John and looks in detail at his work, particularly in the decades between the two world wars. At his peak, John’s reputation as one of the towering figures in British art was based upon his extraordinary talent, both as a draughtsman and portraitist, as well as his bohemian lifestyle.

Drawn from Life is a celebration of John’s contribution to British art of the 20th century and the opportunity to marvel at his extraordinary use of line, colour and form to create art of timeless beauty. With works drawn from a wide range of museums and galleries, including Tate, as well as from private collections around the UK, this exhibition is a comprehensive retrospective of a great British artist.

Exhibition runs from the 18th May - 29th September

Tristan's Talk is on the 22nd June. Tickets are £12.

Tristan de Vere Cole
Tristan de Vere Cole
Tristan de Vere Cole