What is Convalescent Care?

If your family member or friend is due a significant operation or has recently suffered an illness which entails a short or long recovery time, you may be wondering what options are available to ensure they are well cared for and looked after while they recover.
For many, illness and injury can limit mobility, it can be increasingly difficult to do the most basic and daily tasks that mean you may require additional support while on the road to recovery.
Convalescent Care is available in most care and nursing homes, offering short-term packages of assistance provided by experienced health care professionals. Convalescent carers are specialists in looking after individuals who are in the process of recovering.

What are the benefits of Convalescent Care? 

There are many benefits to Convalescent Care, not just for the person you care for but also for you, too. 

24/7 care available

Care homes are one of the places Convalescent Care can be provided, offering 24/7 care and support for anything from two weeks or more after your loved one has been discharged from hospital until they are fully recovered and ready to go home.

The benefits of 24/7 care mean if your loved one is in any discomfort or requires medication throughout the day, or night, trained professionals at the care home can help administer their medication and be on hand to offer emotional and physical support if they are feeling uncomfortable.
Daily meals are provided and personal care to assist with bathing and toileting if needed are all part of Convalescent Care; so both you and your loved one will have the peace of mind knowing that they will receive first-class care

Effective aftercare

Aftercare is proven to be more effective and successful if a patient is looked after in a care home. Most care homes have relevant equipment readily available for convalescent patients to benefit from. 
Trained staff will work with your loved one to ensure that they are using the recovery equipment properly and are doing their daily exercises or stretches to ensure a quick road to recovery.

Comprehensive aftercare plan

The benefits of having skilled care professionals on hand will ensure that the recovery instructions your loved one receives from the hospital will be followed through with a comprehensive plan at the care home. This limits the number of remissions and gives your loved one a faster chance of recovery.
Whether your loved one has had a hip replacement, a stroke or an injury, support is available to ensure that a comprehensive aftercare plan is in place.

Official health care support from trained professionals

Convalescent Care at a care home means not only is trained care available to your loved one, but also specialist attention can be sought. This could include counselling to help with the psychological effects of any illnesses, speech therapy if they have suffered a stroke, or physical therapy to help your loved one recover from an operation or injury.

Companionship and company

We’ve mentioned the health care benefits of convalescent care, but there are also more personal benefits that will help to make your loved one’s stay at the care home more enjoyable. 
A care home environment provides a sense of community, allowing your loved one to socialise with others, combating the risk of loneliness as the company of others helps to build friendships and offers companionship.

How does convalescent care benefit me?

Convalescent Care doesn’t just benefit your loved one, but it also benefits you. You will have peace of mind knowing that your family member or friend will be receiving specialist care while they recover. 
It also takes the stress away from you having to make personal arrangements so that you have the time to help your loved one to recover. This takes the pressure off of you, and the reliance on you being available to help bathe, feed and generally look after your loved one.

What happens when they’ve recovered?

You can choose when you’re loved one goes home. Both you and your loved one can decide when the right time is to return home. The Convalescent Care provider will work with you to find the best solution for you and your loved one to ensure they have the best service available for a full recovery.

How do I arrange Convalescent Care?

If you want to discuss Convalescent Care at Amesbury Abbey, Sutton Manor or Winton House, or hear more about our services, please do contact us.
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