Specialist dementia care

Winton House, Stockbridge, Hampshire

Winton House is, at its heart, a family home. The family is made up of residents, nurses, carers and a host of others who make it a very warm, secure and special place to live.

Located in the quintessentially English village of Nether Wallop, Hampshire this Elizabethan manor has beautifully-manicured grounds sweeping down to the Wallop brook. 

It's an idyllic backdrop for our specialist dementia care team to deliver the exceptional care that they have become renowned for.

We understand that a dementia diagnosis has a huge impact on a person’s life, and on the lives of their family and friends.

The diagnosis brings unique challenges - challenges which our specialist team has the attributes, skills, empathy and dedication to rise to. 

Needs change over time and continuity is incredibly important but our bespoke programmes for every resident are designed to make them relaxed, happy and content above all else.

An array of sensory features and specialist programmes ensure the very best quality of life for our residents, and that in turn brings peace of mind for their families.