Pet project

What makes us different? We're passionate about people and determined that everyone who lives in our beautiful houses or grounds should enjoy life to the full.

We want everyone who lives with us to feel a part of the family who have run the Amesbury Abbey Group for the past 40 years.

Bringing the things you love from home when you join us is an essential part of this, whether that’s the paintings you know every brushstroke of, the piano your grandchildren learnt to play on, or your beloved pets.

Mostly that’s dogs and cats, but we have even had llamas and goats join our extended family!

The grounds at both Amesbury Abbey and Sutton Manor are made for walking and are heaven for the dogs both big and small who we count as part of our extended family.

Residents at our beautiful Abbey can walk their four-legged friends through 35 acres of peaceful grounds and then rest awhile on the banks of our own slice of the Hampshire Avon (owners have complimentary fishing rights, too).

At Sutton Manor, dogs will love the 60 acres of open parkland, and a beautiful walled garden once loved by film stars like Marilyn Monroe and Dirk Bogarde.

We hold an annual dog show at Amesbury Abbey when we are able, and we’ve had visiting ponies, llamas and even a camel strolling through the grounds.

So, whether you have a cat, dog, bird or rabbit, we’d love to meet them – all we ask is that you let us know if you are planning to bring your pet, and dogs should be kept under control when outside your home.