Amesbury Abbey Mews Questions & Answers


Q)   How do I reserve a Mews property?

A)   A 20% reservation deposit secures your chosen property. Thereafter, you will normally have 12 weeks in which to make your completion payment prior to moving in. Under some circumestances, completion dates can be extended, although in such cases service charge payments (less the meal component) will commmence after the 12 week period.

Q)   Does my purchase make me liable for Stamp Duty?

A)   No stamp duty is payable as the transaction is an Accommodation and Deposit agreement, the property remaining in the ownership of Amesbury Abbey Limited.

Q)   What does the quarterly service charge include?

A)   The quarterly charge is made to cover the cost of services and facilities including: daily luncheon, twice-weekly domestic help, central heating from mid-September to mid-May, water rates, external maintenance of properties and grounds, buildings insurance and part-time warden service with 24-hour emergency telephone back up.

Q)   Do I pay any ground rent in addition to my service charge?

A)   No, there is no ground rent due.

Q)   What happens if I move from my property?

A)   Once you have given and served your notice period the property simply reverts back to ownership by the Group. You do not need to worry about selling the property, estate agents or conveyancing fees and there are no concerns about property depreciation, as your deposit is returned to you after subtracting the standard deposit retention.

Q)   What does the standard retention cover?

A)   The standard retention covers the cost of refurbishing the property, remarketing the property (agents fees, advertising, marketing and sales expenses), administration costs, legal expenses and a contribution to the sinking fund that covers larger scale maintenance of the estate. Your sales adviser will provide full details regarding the current standard retention rate.

Q)   Do I have to pay council tax?

A)   Yes, the payment of council tax is your responsibility.

Q)   What is included in the twice-weekly domestic help element of the service charge?

A)   This includes appropriate cleaning of the accommodation at such times and on such days as the Proprietor may determine. Your rubbish will also be collected as part of this service.

Q)   Can I buy in additional cleaning services if I require further assistance?

A)   If you require additional services it may be possible to purchase further assistance by prior arrangement.

Q)   Do I need my own contents insurance?

A)   Yes, you are responsible for insuring the contents of your property.  However, the owner covers buildings insurance and insurance of all communal areas.

Q)   Who are Mews properties designed for?

A)  All properties are designed to meet the accommodation needs of residents, over the age of 55 years, who are finding their houses and gardens too much of a burden but wish to continue living an independent lifestyle.

Q)   Is there an assessment process giving peace of mind that independent living accommodation will be suitable for me?

A)   In the course of the purchase process, prospective purchasers will meet with a member of our senior management team to discuss their suitability for independent living and to have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Q)   What assistance is provided by the warden or emergency 24-hour call line in case of emergency?

A)   The warden will assist in an emergency to offer advice and ensure that relatives, GP’s or the emergency services are notified, as appropriate, if required.  If the warden is off duty, the emergency call diverts to our call line provider, who will contact the resident to determine the situation and take the appropriate action. The warden cannot provide medical intervention to residents of Mews properties, as the properties are not registered to provide this type of care.  However, in certain circumstances a registered outside provider can administer personal care on site, with prior consent from the owner, or support can be provided at additional cost through HomeCare Finder, the Group’s own registered domiciliary care agency.

Q)   If my partner moves into the nursing home, will I be required to move out of my property?

A   No.  You can remain within your property for as long as you are able to live independently.

Q)   Do I have a parking space with my purchase?

A)   There are ample parking spaces for residents, some of which, due to their proximity to specific apartments, are informally allocated to residents.

Q)   Is there garaging available?

A)   We have a range of garaging available at each location, available by separate arrangement.

Q)  Can I make alterations to my own apartment?

A)   Yes, subject to approval by the owner and normally at your own cost, alterations can usually be made to accommodate your specific requirements and taste.

Q)   Can I smoke in my apartment?

A)   Yes, you are free to smoke in your own home.  However, a no smoking policy is in place within all internal communal areas in keeping with English law.

Q)   Can I bring my pet with me when I move?

A)   Residents may keep a pet subject to two conditions. Firstly, prior permission should be obtained in writing from the owner; the Head Warden will assist in this process.  Secondly, the pet should not cause a nuisance to neighbours, other residents or the owner’s business.

Q)   Can I have visitors in my home?

A)   Guests of our residents are always welcome and can also join you for lunch by prior appointment.  In addition, guest accommodation is also available for booking should your guests wish to stay overnight.

Q)   Can I plant anything in the gardens?

A)   Yes, with approval from the owner and in consultation with our head groundsman, residents may be able to contribute to the planting of the gardens adjacent to their properties.  Trees and shrubs, however, cannot be planted or altered without wider consultation in the interest of other residents.

Q)   Do I have a smoke alarm?

A)  Yes, smoke alarms are fitted in each apartment for your safety.

Q)   What happens in case of fire?

A)  The Head Warden provides an instruction sheet, for retention, to each resident when they move in and fully explains the fire procedures; including what to do and where to meet in case of fire.

Q)   Do I have access to the Nursing Home in case of illness?

A)   Short spells of illness can normally be catered for within the nursing home and, wherever possible, we will give priority to Mews residents should these services be required.